Automotive Locksmith Service in Washington DC

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When most people think of an automotive locksmith in Washington DC, they picture someone helping them open their car door when they’ve left the keys inside. However, that is only one of the many valuable services these professionals provide.

Modern day car locks are intricate, sophisticated mechanisms that are difficult for thieves to pick or jimmy. It takes a qualified, trained and experienced locksmith with specialized tools to fix or replace them.

Lost Car Keys

Whenever we think of locksmiths, the first thing that comes to mind is their valuable service in helping us get into our cars when we’ve locked our keys inside. But this is only one of the many services that these experts provide.

Having a spare key is always a good idea and helps avoid getting locked out of your car. However, if you lose your key or it breaks, it’s important to know who to call.

Some roadside assistance services may be able to replace your key, but it can depend on the type of key and whether or not they have the proper equipment to make a copy. Most of the time, an automotive locksmith is your best bet since they’re specifically trained to do this and usually have the specialized equipment needed.

You can also try finding a replacement key online, although the cost can be more than if you bought it at a hardware store. It’s best to contact a local automotive locksmith first, as they generally offer the cheapest rates.

Ignition Repair

Car ignitions perform two vital functions: creating a voltage high enough to jump across the gap of a spark plug and then controlling the timing of that spark. If these aren’t working correctly, your car will not start.

If you find that you have to jiggle your key around in the ignition to get it to turn, it’s time for an auto locksmith service to look at your ignition cylinder. It could also be that the teeth on your key are getting worn and need to be replaced soon.

A professional automotive locksmith will know the best way to replace or repair your car’s ignition switch and cylinder without affecting your warranty or causing more problems. They will disconnect the battery, remove the steering wheel and dash panels to access the ignition switch cylinder and change out the lock assembly. They will also have the tools to rekey your door and trunk locks so that one key works for all of them.

Car Key Replacement

When most people think of automotive locksmiths, they picture these professionals helping to open locked cars when drivers forget or lock their keys inside. However, this is just one of the many valuable services that these specialists offer.

In addition to opening locked doors, locksmiths can also help to replace car keys. If your key is damaged or you have lost your keys, a locksmith can make you a new one based on the VIN number of your vehicle. This is much cheaper and faster than going to a dealership.

Some people have trouble getting their car to start because the ignition cylinder is damaged. An auto locksmith can fix this problem by replacing the cylinder or re-keying it so that only your key will work. This can protect your car from thieves who may try to use a spare key they found in the street or a neighbor’s home.

Lockout Service

When most consumers think of automotive locksmiths, they think of the valuable service that these experts provide to help people get back into their cars when they’ve accidentally left the keys inside. However, this is just one of many useful services that these professionals offer.

They can also repair and install door hardware, including keyless entry systems. These systems are popular among businesses because they provide an extra layer of security while still allowing employees to gain access with a credential, such as a code or card.

It’s important to choose a legitimate automotive Seattle locksmith who is licensed and insured. Avoid companies that bully their customers or overcharge them. Make sure that the locksmith you hire answers the phone with their legal business name and provides identification before they start working. Also, ask about their customer service record and any complaints they’ve had in the past. You can even pay for these locksmithing services with a credit card, which offers additional protection under the Fair Credit Billing Act and dispute-resolution policies of most credit cards.

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